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Nurse Manager

SR Sarah Corcoran

SR Sarah

COPD +ASTHMA management DIABETES management
Diagnostic Spirometry including interpretation ARTP registered
Complex wound care and leg ulcer management
Coil checks & removal, working towards implant fitting
Nurse Mentor
All aspects of Practice Nursing skills undertaken
Independent and supplementary Prescriber

Practice Nurses

To enable you to choose the most appropriate member of the nurse team please see our Nurse profiles below.

All Nurses are Certificated to undertake Cervical Screening, Ear irrigation, Adult and Childhood immunisations, Spirometry (without clinical interpretation) and Wound Care. The following indicate additional training, certification and specialisms.

 SR Kate Benito

SR Kate

Diploma in Diabetes Management
Diabetes Nurse Lead
Certificate in Minor injuries
Certificate in Leg Ulcer Management and Doppler Studies in Primary Care
Working towards: Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) qualification

SR Steph 

Specialist areas: Certificate in Leg Ulcer Management and Doppler studies in Primary Care. Certificate in Management of Respiratory Disease.
Working towards: Certificate in Diabetes Management.

SR Juliet

Specialist Areas: Leg Ulcer Management/Complex Wound care.
Working towards: Certification in Management of Respiratory Disease

SR Lucy

Practice Nurse:
Long Term Conditions and basic wound care.
Working towards: Vacs and Imms and Smears

SR Stella 

Practice Nurse:
All aspects of wound care & leg ulcer management, Long Term Conditions & all aspects of Practice Nursing
Working towards: working towards Cervical Cytology, Immunisations, Asthma and Diabetes

Health Care Assistants

Laura Thwaite


With a Diploma in Primary health Care, Laura does Phlebotomy, Basic wound care, ECG’s, Home visits.
Dietary advice, Health checks.
Influenza, b12 & pneumococcal vaccinations.

Sarah Howell


Sarah has additional skills to complement and support the team such as advanced wound care​, compression bandaging, ear irrigation, influenza, pneumonia and b12 injections

Svetla Ivanova



Svetla provides Phlebotomy services though her bookable blood clinic at Kings Road Surgery