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Registration Policy

We are Proud to be a ‘Safe Surgery’.

We are proud to be a ‘Safe Surgery’ for everyone in our community. All are welcome! Everyone in the UK has the right to free care from a GP. If you don’t have proof of ID or address, you can still register. Immigration status or nationality don’t matter – reception won’t ask for immigration documents.

Anybody in England, whether a resident or overseas visitor, may access primary care services at a GP Practice without charge. No documents are required to register with a GP;

However, to facilitate the registration of an online process (Where you can book appointments, request prescriptions and view your medical record online) we request that two forms of identification are produced, ideally, if possible, one should be photographic, and one must contain your address.

Types of acceptable photographic evidence:

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Official ID card from Public Services body; or
  • Student matriculation card (current year)

Other documents for proof of residency that are acceptable are:

  • Recent utility bill (within last 3 months)
  • Council Tax document
  • Television Licence
  • Payslips (last two months)
  • Rent book/agreement (Public Body or Private Landlord)
  • Bank Statement (Name and address section only required)
  • Solicitors Letter (Clearly showing your name and address)

If you have any questions regarding NHS entitlement, or our Registration Policy please contact the Practice.