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“Dr can you bring forward my appointment with the hospital?”

This is a question that can sometimes be asked and we have been given the below supporting information to help patients in this situation.

Our Local Integrated Care Board in conjunction with Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust advise as follows:

An increase in the number of people being referred to specialist hospital care, coupled with the ​continued significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on NHS services, has meant that some people are having to wait longer than we would like for an appointment or treatment and we know that it can be difficult for those who find themselves in this position. We would like to assure you that your health and well-being are important to us and despite the additional pressure on NHS GP’s and hospitals, we are doing all we can to ensure those people who need our help are seen as soon as possible. 

We know it is important that you have a realistic idea of when you will be seen and the My Planned Care website provides information on current hospital waiting times for many specialities provided by Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. Due to the current situation, it is important that we prioritise treatment for those people who have greater clinical need as determined by hospital specialists, rather than prioritising those who have waited the longest. We know this isn’t ideal for those people who have been waiting some time, but we hope you understand that we must prioritise people with severe medical conditions that require urgent treatment.   

If your clinical condition has not changed, please do not contact the hospital or your GP Surgery to try to bring your appointment forward as they will be unable to alter your waiting time or position on the waiting list, and it may contribute to further delays. 

Should you feel that your clinical symptoms have deteriorated significantly – meaning that you are more unwell – you may need to be reassessed. If this is the case, you should book an appointment with your GP to discuss further.