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Need to cancel an existing appointment? Choose Option 9

Following a suggestion by our Patient Participation Group (PPG) we have recently introduced an appointment cancellation voicemail service.

If you know you no longer need an appointment that you have booked with one of the practice team, then please call our main number 01423 560261 and select option 9.

This will take you straight to our appointment cancellation line where you will hear the following message:

This is our automated appointment cancellation line on which you can leave voice messages to cancel existing appointments.

Once an appointment has been cancelled, if you need a new appointment then you will need to call back, select option 1 and speak to one of the team to enquire about the next available appointment for your needs.

Should you wish to cancel an existing appointment, then after the tone please clearly give your name, date of birth and the date and time of the appointment you wish to cancel.

This service has been very useful already with sometimes up to 3 or more appointments a day being released back for use by other patients in need. So, thank you to the PPG for the suggestion and to those patients who have already used the service.

Please can all patients note and remember to use this quick and easy service should you no longer need an existing booked appointment.

Thank you