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Almost a million more people (900,000) are now eligible for a shingles vaccination (from September 2023).

Anyone who is severely immunosuppressed aged over 50 will be able to get two doses (8 weeks apart) of the Shingrix vaccine – previously this vaccine was only available to those over 70.

From 1 September 2023, those turning 65 (DOB 01.09.1958-31.8.1959 ONLY) and 70 (DOB 01.09.1953-31.8.1954 ONLY) will also be able to get the vaccine after their birthday, in addition to those already aged 70-80. Patients will be contacted by Moss Healthcare only as they become eligible.

Eligibility will then be expanded to include those 60 and over by September 2033.

The vaccination programme is not seasonal, it is all year round. Moss Healthcare has about 1000 patients to contact this year alone, and we will be sending invitations out in batches based upon stock availability. We will start with those know to be severely immunocompromised and then by age eligibility.

We will contact you, there is no need for you to contact the practice, unless you get a letter or SMS text message from us inviting you.