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Podiatry Service: Patient Self-Referral Route

Harrogate and District foundation trust provide Podiatry services for North Yorkshire and offer a range of services, including general core podiatry, nail surgery, management of high risk feet and muscular and skeletal imbalances and injuries and are now able to accept direct self-referrals from patients.

Who they can treat?

People with a foot need for NHS Podiatry:

  • Foot wounds
  • Foot infections that have needed antibiotics.
  • In growing toenails that are causing pain or infection
  • Painful corns and hard skin
  • Foot pain that is affecting someone’s daily life or quality of life.
  • A foot deformity (i.e., bunion) affecting someone’s daily life or quality of life.
  • Pain when walking that is affecting someone’s daily life or quality of life.

People with a medical need for NHS Podiatry care:

  • People with diabetes who have been assessed as at moderate or high risk of developing foot complications at their annual assessment at their GP surgery.
  • People with long term health conditions that put their feet at increased risk of foot complications such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Peripheral Vascular disease (including Raynaud’s syndrome), people with neurological dysfunction affecting their feet, people with connective tissue disorders.

If a patient is not sure if they have a medical need, please advise the patient to write all their medical conditions and concerns on their referral form and this will be assessed by a Podiatrist.

Who can’t they treat?

  • Cut toenails for people who do not have a medical need for NHS Podiatry care.
  • Treat people who have Diabetes but are at low risk of developing foot complications.
  • Treat Verrucae’s or warts
  • Treat small amounts of hard skin that are not causing pain or discomfort.
  • Treat fungal infections of the skin (i.e., athletes’ foot)
  • Treat foot deformity (i.e., bunions or flat feet) that are not causing pain

If a patient has a foot problem but does not meet the criteria for NHS Podiatry care a patient can use the self-care guidance on the website.

Link to self- referral form

Podiatry Referrals – Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (

Further contact details for individual localities podiatry departments can be found on the website.